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19 Sales Productivity Statistics You Need to See ASAP

Aug 22nd, 2019

We all know that having a productive sales force is extremely important to the growth and success of nearly every company. But what does sales productivity really mean?

It can mean several things, from the number of sales calls your reps make, to the types of tools and technologies reps use to get their jobs done each day. In short, it’s any activity geared toward driving revenue.

However you categorize a sales team’s output, it can be helpful to know how yours stacks up against other companies – and whether you need to improve your processes and programs.

These 19 statistics will help you get a better handle on key sales productivity trends so you can ensure your sales force is always performing at the highest level.

Sales Productivity Stats to Know Right Now

  1. On average, new sales hires spend 10 weeks in training and development and only become productive after 11.2 months. (SMA)
  2. At 44.9%, “decreasing new salesperson ramp-up time to fully productivity” is the most common sales enablement productivity goal. (CSO Insights)
  3. 71% of C-level executives believe sales productivity is critical to achieving growth. (Forbes Insights)
  4. Salespeople spend just one-third of their day actually talking to prospects. They spend 21% of their day writing emails, 17% entering data, another 17% prospecting and researching leads, 12% going to internal meetings, and 12% scheduling calls. (HubSpot)
  5. The best sales onboarding programs help new sales hires become productive 3.4 months sooner, on average – a time-to-productivity that’s 37% faster than firms with low-performing programs. (SMA)
  6. On average, firms that use technology effectively were 57% more effective at sales training and development than ineffective technology users. (SMA)
  7. 42.5% of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals. (Accenture)
  8. Firms that were “laggards” in adopting sales technology saw their sales goal achievement drop 12% from last year. (SMA)
  9. The average sales development rep makes 52 calls daily. (OpenView)
  10. It takes sellers an average of 18 dials to connect with one decision-maker in the course of an hour. (TOPO)
  11. More than 50% of sellers missed quota in 2018. (Aslan)
  12. By 2020, 30% of all B2B companies will employ some kind of AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes. (Gartner)
  13. 72% of salespeople who use social selling as part of their sales strategy exceeded quota 23% more often than their peers. (A Sales Guy Consulting)
  14. Top performers in sales prospecting generate 2.7x more sales meetings than their peers. (RAIN Group)
  15. 67% of sales agents have only reached out to 250 or less prospects within a year. (Marc Wayshak)
  16. 75% of companies refocused their sales strategies while 54% of companies implemented new sales methodologies in 2018. (SMA)
  17. Companies that don’t utilize sales technologies have experienced a 12% decrease in their sales goal achievement rate. (SMA)
  18. 65% of sales managers say their biggest challenge is lack of time and resources to perform their job. (Data Dwell)
  19. 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who proactively reach out. (RAIN Group)

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