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Sales Tips: 10 Sales Pros Reveal Their Best Sales Advice

Nov 27th, 2017

Sales people are always trying to find a way to be better. How can I get an edge on the competition and close bigger, better deals in less time? It’s part of the competitive nature of sales and the reality of business today.

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and focus on the fundamentals of selling. We asked 10 sales experts to think about the best sales advice they’ve received that’s proved to be tried and true over their careers. Here’s what they said:

Sales Tips: 10 Sales Pros Reveal Their Best Sales Advice

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‘Listen. Really Listen. Listen with the intent to truly and deeply understand your customer.’ The reason why this is one of my favorites is that most people listen with the intent to respond. In sales you need to be an active listener because you want to be able to uncover your customer’s pain points and requirements. If I’m not keenly listening I could miss key information that could impact my sales cycle.” – Beverlie Heyman, sales enablement manager, Brainshark @bheyman

The best sales advice I ever received was to always treat everyone equally and with respect. Never assume from someone’s title, for example the receptionist, that they don’t have influence or a say in the buying decision. Create a great personal experience with everyone you meet. It could be the difference between winning and losing deals.” – Barbara Giamanco, Social Centered Selling @barbaragiamanco

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Sometimes you have to sell harder within your own company than you have to sell to the customer.  Many of our B2B solutions are very complex.  To solve our customers’ problems and respond to their needs, often, we have to align resources and support within the company.  Sometimes getting everyone aligned and committed to support your sales efforts is more difficult than actually selling to the customer – but critical to your success.  It’s important to become nimble in navigating your own company to help you succeed with customers.” – Dave Brock, Partners in Excellence @davidabrock

Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes: Be respectful, passionate, and persistent.  Prepare in advance by understanding as much as you can about the corporate goals of your buyer and his business.  Know their company and their challenges.  When you meet, ask probing discovery questions that shows you understand the buyer/company/industry.  Focus your questions on finding their biggest pain, and who owns that pain.  Buyers have a greater urgency to purchase a solution that can solve their pain, rather than further their goals.” – Chuck Searle, sales VP, Brainshark @CsearleMan

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‘Just because it’s never been done before is the best reason to do it.’ My first job out of college was in a women’s specialty store. I had an idea to rearrange a display of gifts, and I asked some of the older employees what they thought. They all told me it had never been done before. I went to my manager and told her everyone said it had never been done before. She didn’t miss a beat and said: ‘That’s the best reason I know for doing it.’ Since then I’ve challenged traditional ways of selling—including outdated prospecting techniques like cold calling. In sales we need to be open to throwing traditional sales models out the door and to challenge practices that aren’t working. That’s the only way we’ll succeed in an ever-changing, highly competitive, and fast-paced marketplace.” – Joanne Black, No More Cold Calling @ReferralSales

“Opportunities don’t find you, you create them.” – Anthony Romano, national account manager, Brainshark @aromano617

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