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The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding [eBook]

Apr 10th, 2017


How would you rate your company’s sales onboarding program? If you think there are a lot of improvements to be made, you’re not alone. The Sales Management Association reports that following onboarding, approximately one-third of sales reps still lack proficiency in up to a dozen key selling skills.

The issue isn’t always that reps aren’t taught these skills; the trouble is often retention and mastery of the material they learned during onboarding—which means it can be a long time until reps become field-ready. Or even worse, you could have reps in the field right now who haven’t been trained properly. This can lead to lost deals, an increase in customer churn due to deals that were a poor fit, or an increase in rep turnover.

So how do you implement an onboarding program that actually works? This exclusive eBook, The Blueprint for Better Sales Onboarding, provides six steps to improve your onboarding program, including:

  • Establishing a realistic (and effective) timeline
  • Using technology to power your onboarding strategy
  • Developing a plan that ensures reps not only finish their training, but master it

Download the full eBook to learn how to effectively and efficiently onboard your sales team.