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The Path to Sales Mastery [eBook]

Jun 12th, 2017


There are many reasons sales reps lose deals, but lack of preparation shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s up to sales enablement leaders to provide reps with learning and training programs so they are ready for every buyer interaction. But completing training isn’t enough; reps need to master the material. Achieving sales mastery allows reps to have the best chance at successful sales meetings and closed deals.

So how can sales enablement leaders find the right combination of onboarding, training, coaching and technology to maximize their reps’ effectiveness and productivity?

In this eBook, The Path to Sales Mastery, you’ll learn how to achieve the right balance of all aspects of sales enablement, with details on: 

  • What makes sales training so unique
  • Why sales coaching is often the missing ingredient of mastery
  • The critical role of sales manager enablement
  • How technology accelerates time to mastery

Download the full eBook to boost your sales readiness efforts and put your team on the path to sales mastery.