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Top 10 Podcasts for Sales Enablement Leaders

Aug 31st, 2017


From Serial to S-Town, podcasts have become all the rage the last few years. They are a great way to pass the time during your morning commute, while cooking dinner, or during tasks at work.

But podcasts aren’t just for pure entertainment value. There are hundreds of sales-focused podcasts for new insights and ideas to help you improve processes and increase the effectiveness of your team.

We sifted through these podcasts to find our favorites for sales enablement leaders. Here are our top 10 picks:

Sales Pipeline Radio

Host: Matt Heinz
Average Length: 20-30 mins
Our Episode Pick: The Continued Evolution of the Sales Enablement Function

Matt Heinz interviews sales industry leaders to bring you tips to build your sales pipeline. Stay up to date on sales trends, including topics such as social selling, pipeline management, content strategy, sales enablement and more. 

The Sales Evangelist

Host: Donald C. Kelly
Average Length: 20-30 mins
Our Episode Pick: Structuring Sales Onboarding to Get New Sellers Ramped Up Faster

Donald is a public speaker, consultant and publishes multiple podcasts per week, providing listeners with extremely timely insights. His episodes are full of actionable tips and advice as well as inspirational stories.

Sales Enablement Lab

Host: Thierry van Herwijnen
Average Length: 20-30 mins
Our Episode Pick: Creating a Strategic Sales Onboarding Program

Thierry is a sales enablement practitioner and provides insights to fellow sales enablement pros. He gives practical ideas that sales enablement can leverage in their day-to-day to increase sales, enhance productivity, and drive incremental growth for their organization.

The Razor’s Edge

Host: Barbara Giamanco
Average Length: 30 mins
Our Episode Pick: Executing the Basics

Barbara is a keynote speaker, best-selling author, and sales and social media strategist, who is a globally recognized leader in sales. Her goal is to help salespeople and sales enablement professionals become better at what they do. She touches on topics like leadership, social selling, process, skills, technology, and more.

In the Arena

Host: Anthony Iannarino
Average Length: 20-50 mins
Our Episode Pick: Applying a New Daily Productivity Formula

Anthony Iannarino is an entrepreneur and sales coach, who interviews best-selling authors, sales practitioners, thought leaders, and even award-winning actor Alan Alda, to share unique insights on selling.

B2B Growth

Host: James Carbary and Jonathan Green
Average Length: Under 20 mins
Our Episode Pick: How to Turn Your Sales Team Into a Dream Team

While this podcast isn’t specific to sales or sales enablement, listeners can gather a lot of insights on sales and marketing alignment, buyer personas, and more. There are well over 500 episodes, so there are plenty of topics to choose from!

Sales Lead Management Association Radio

Host: Jim Obermayer
Average Length: 20-30 mins
Our Episode Pick: How Marketers Enable Salespeople to Have Valuable Conversations

Jim Obermayer, CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association, covers a variety of topics in the areas of sales lead generation and sales lead management, interviewing thought leaders in both sales and marketing.

Accelerate! Sales, Profits, Growth

Host: Andy Paul
Average Length: Under 25 mins
Our Episode Pick: Bridging the Sales Productivity Gap to Have Higher Value Conversations

Andy Paul’s podcast is a great resource for any sales enablement leader. He interviews fellow sales heavy-hitters and touches on topics like coaching, sales automation, personal development and motivation, and more. And the best part is you’ll never run out of episodes to listen to – he releases new episodes 6 days a week!

Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount
Average Length: Mostly under 10 mins
Our Episode Pick: The Real Secret to Leveraging Social Media in Sales

In these bite-sized episodes, Jeb Blount’s motivational podcast covers everything from customer experience, to strategic account management, to developing high-performing sales teams.

Advanced Selling Podcast

Host: Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey
Average Length: 10-30 mins
Our Episode Pick: Friction in the Sales Process

These two leading B2B sales trainers use their decades of combined experience to provide listeners with practical tips to transform their sales teams. Topics run the gamut in the hundreds of episodes this podcast has to offer.

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