Introducing the Brainshark Mobile App: 3 Ways to Strengthen your Mobile Sales Force

August 15, 2017 | Carlie Lawrenson
Introducing the Brainshark Mobile App: 3 Ways to Strengthen your Mobile Sales Force

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Brainshark mobile app – designed to help the whole team achieve sales mastery on-the-go. This new offering allows reps to access their content, training and coaching solutions right from their smartphones.

Here are three ways your company can strengthen sales enablement with anywhere, anytime access to the Brainshark platform.

Prepare for meetings on-the-go

The Brainshark mobile app prepares reps for meetings with anytime, anywhere access to the content portal without needing to pull out a laptop. Reps can see featured material, browse the content library and use filters to locate something specific. They can brush up on product knowledge, review core collateral, and even share content with prospects right from the palm of their hand.

Access just-in-time learning anywhere

Sales leaders can deliver just-in-time learning to their team with the confidence of knowing reps can see the updates quickly on their mobile app. The dashboard will display new courses to be completed, the length of the courses and other relevant information. Whether it’s an important product change or new competitive intel, reps can be trained on recent updates from anywhere.

Respond to coaching challenges in any environment

The Brainshark mobile app helps streamline coaching for the entire sales force. When coaches challenge reps to give an elevator pitch or company overview to assess their readiness, the challenge will appear in the rep’s mobile dashboard. Reps can view coaching challenges, practice their pitches and record video responses anywhere, anytime. Once responses are submitted, reviewers can view them in the mobile app, rate them, and provide feedback quickly.

Already a Brainshark customer? Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

To learn more about how the Brainshark platform helps companies on the road to sales readiness and mastery, view a short demo.

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