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4 Reasons to Incorporate Screen Recording into Sales Coaching

Jul 12th, 2017


When reflecting on why reps win certain deals and lose others, we often overlook our teams’ ability to present on-screen material. Did reps’ slip-up during the product demo? Did they forget key slides in the presentation?

Having reps record their screen as they practice material is essential to identifying skill gaps and discovering selling opportunities. If reps aren’t prepared to present on-screen, they can easily feel like they nailed a presentation, while not realizing they skimmed over topics that were crucial to decision makers in the room.

Today, we are excited to announce that we’ve added screen recording to our platform. Here are 4 reasons to incorporate this feature into your sales coaching regiment.

1. Strengthen product demos

Even if reps know the product, it doesn’t mean they’re prepared to deliver demos that highlight core features. After a handful of demos, it’s common for reps to develop their own comfort levels, language, and habits – all of which can distract them from optimal messaging and navigation paths. When reps record their screens during practice, it introduces an effective new dynamic to sales coaching. Reps can see for themselves where they are spending too much time in the demo, and coaches can learn new techniques used by top-performers.

2. Certify presentations

A flawless slide deck with compelling content quickly loses value if the presentation fails to stay on track. Even the most engaging presenters have flipped to a slide and said “oh, we already covered this” or “I’ll skim through this since we’re short on time.” With screen recording, reps can practice delivering their messages alongside marketing-supplied collateral to check how they are coming across during a presentation. This helps coaches pinpoint areas for improvement and identify strengths.

3. Identify best practices

Screen recordings provide a holistic view of individual approaches, techniques and soft skills that the whole sales team can benefit from. Coaches can learn a lot about best practices across their team by watching these recordings. Some reps may have a unique way of capturing audience attention early in a presentation or transitioning through demos. Sharing these key aspects to sales mastery can help the team adjust their approach on the fly to close more deals.

4. Promote peer-to-peer learning

Great screen recordings can be shared to the leaderboard to promote peer-to-peer learning and friendly competition. Reps can learn how their teammates tackle product demos and present company slide decks anywhere, anytime. Watching and commenting on their peers’ submissions helps keep everyone engaged while boosting morale. Coaches can use these leaderboards as a guide for new hires or to follow up on the best ways to coach certain selling scenarios.

Screen recording is now available in our coaching solution. Click here to watch a feature demo and start recording your screen with Brainshark today!