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A few months ago we announced that the Special Olympics World Winter Games was our first reci
In our Presentation Best Practices Tutorial, we tal
It is the time of year when giving is the thing to do.
At this time of year we often take stock of where we are and where we are going.  We may rationalize not losing ten pounds this year and once again vo
All too often we distribute content the easiest way, or the fastest way, or the way "we always have".  If your goal is to merely distribute t
There are many books about what makes a great presentation, but I have yet to find one specifically about multi-media content like Brainshark.  This i
This entire 6 Step series is about having a sound process for developing a great multi-media communication.
Now that you have a clear objective for this communication it is time to turn our attention to the audience.
I had the opportunity to speak to the eCommerce Council of the Mutual Fund Education Alliance in C
Every single day, millions of presentations are created to transfer knowledge from one person or group to another person or group.
My trusty Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines presentation as: "something set forth fo