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Brainshark Introduces Machine Analysis for Video Coaching and Scoring

Jun 05th, 2018

Sales enablement leaders and Brainshark customers – are you ready to take video coaching to the next level?

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Machine Analysis, our new, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered engine for sales coaching and readiness. Machine Analysis builds on Brainshark’s award-winning video coaching solution, further helping reps stay on-point and on-message with automated feedback and scoring.

Now, before a manager reviews a video coaching submission, Brainshark can generate actionable insights into a reps’ coverage of key topics, emotions exhibited, and other performance metrics, and generate auto-scores for each video.

Reps can now use this input as an engaging practice tool to improve their performance, while managers can save time and streamline the review process.

Topic Coverage & Scoring Parameters

With built-in topic coverage and scoring parameters, Machine Analysis enables sales leaders to create more precise coaching activities and quickly identify areas where reps need to improve.

Brainshark will score the video submissions based on the rep’s ability to cover (or avoid) key topics in their response. The score also factors in things like:

  • length of the video and the rep’s speaking rate (based on pre-set target ranges)
  • use of filler words (“um”, “uh”, etc.)
  • comprehension level

Upon the participant’s submission of a video response, the analysis will take place automatically. Brainshark will transcribe the video, generate an overall score for the submission and send both the participant and manager the results.

AI-powered Machine Analysis builds on Brainshark’s award-winning sales coaching solution.

Consistent Feedback for Reps, More Time for Managers

By embracing the opportunities that technology brings to streamline coaching, reps are gaining better feedback than ever before. They’re able to see, without bias, metrics on their performance and nuances in their pitch that are typically undetectable by humans, but are incredibly valuable in selling scenarios. This instant delivery of results helps them recognize the gaps they need to close immediately and gives them the practice environment to work toward those goals.

Machine Analysis augments human scoring and enables managers to save time by using the machine scores as a benchmark to prioritize who needs coaching first. Managers can access their team’s analysis results before they begin reviewing their videos, and sort by machine score so they can dedicate their time to those who need it most and deliver coaching feedback more efficiently.

“For many companies with large sales forces, it’s important for managers to be able to easily identify who needs the most coaching, and on what,” said Tracey Abby, director of global sales and channel enablement at Tenable, the cyber exposure company. “With Brainshark’s Machine Analysis, we’re excited to see AI applied in a way that gives sales managers and coaches an automated ‘video screener’. These capabilities support greater sales team agility and effectiveness.”

Want to learn more about Machine Analysis?

For more information on Brainshark’s new Machine Analysis engine, check out this short presentation or contact us for additional questions.