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Drive Better Sales Productivity with Brainshark and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Jun 21st, 2017


Today, we are excited to announce our forthcoming integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration streamlines sales readiness and improves productivity by simplifying access to key resources. Sales teams will now have instant access to Brainshark training, coaching, and content directly from Microsoft’s CRM application.

Seamless Training & Onboarding

By integrating with Dynamics 365, new reps can enjoy a seamless onboarding experience that allows them to access training material right from the CRM they’ll be using every day. This all-in-one solution helps accelerate ramp-up time and eliminates the need to toggle between—and learn—multiple tools.

High-Impact Content

Streamlined access to essential sales resources within the CRM ensures reps leverage the right material at the right time to create the greatest impact. They can access key content to prepare for meetings and quickly identify which material is the most effective for follow-up based on the customer’s persona, industry, and more.

Analytics & Reporting

Sales teams can access valuable insights to improve sales readiness and performance right from Dynamics 365. Brainshark analytics and reporting lets reps track training progress, engagement and level of sales readiness to ensure they understand program effectiveness.

This integration – to be released at the end of the month – is the latest in a series of partnership activities between Brainshark and Microsoft. Company administrators interested in integrating Brainshark within Dynamics 365 for their organization can do so by contacting Brainshark sales.

To learn more about the benefits of this integration, check out this presentation.