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New! Integrate Brainshark Training and Coaching to Better Assess Mastery

Mar 30th, 2017


Without ongoing coaching and reinforcement, half of sales learning content is lost within five weeks and 84% is lost within 90 days, according to CSO Insights and Sales Performance International. If the vast majority of learning is not retained, imagine how much that can affect your sales team’s productivity.

With this in mind, Brainshark now empowers customers with a collection of new features to better assess sales reps’ skills and mastery with coaching challenges that can be easily incorporated into formal and informal learning programs.

Assess reps’ skills & mastery

Brainshark’s coaching technology provides a more advanced and realistic way to assess whether reps have truly mastered a message and if they are “field-ready.” Now, coaching customers can further harness this power by adding coaching challenges to Brainshark training courses and curriculums.

Integrating coaching into training helps drive coaching behaviors across the sales team, getting reps used to responding to challenges and managers accustomed to using the technology.

For example, customers can now:

  • Include a pitch challenge as the capstone assessment for an onboarding curriculum before a rep is deemed “field ready.”
  • Assign “quick quizzes” to assess whether reps can articulate the appropriate value for a buyer.
  • Certify that sales engineers are compliant in their talking points about a new offering.

The ability to add coaching challenges into Brainshark’s formal learning paths also eliminates unnecessary steps for administrators to determine who needs to participate and remind those who haven’t yet submitted.

To start using this feature, coaching customers can simply select “Create a coaching challenge” when creating a new learning course.

Integrate Brainshark Training and Coaching to Better Assess Mastery

Create a library of best-practice examples

Coaching challenge responses can also be a great source of future learning. New features allow customers to select the best responses to a given challenge and save these coaching videos as a new Brainshark content asset. That content can then be edited and shared alongside all of your other Brainshark content.

For example:

  • Embed these realistic submissions directly in future sales training courses.
  • Get the company excited about a new initiative by emailing or posting links to the best submissions.

Monitor program effectiveness

New reports will enable sales leaders to pull more detailed analytics on the effectiveness of coaching activities. You can now get a quick snapshot of challenge scores, status of review, details on challenge participants and how they performed, or even a high-level summary by participant. With this information at hand, sales leaders can better gauge reps’ strengths and areas for improvements, as well as steer feedback in the right direction.

For customers with Brainshark’s training and coaching already, all these new features will automatically populate within the Brainshark environment.

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