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9 Sales Enablement Blogs You Should Definitely Follow

Dec 28th, 2018

We work hard to make the Brainshark Ideas Blog a go-to source for the latest sales enablement tips, trends and best practices. That’s why we update it regularly with the latest insights from research firmsthought-leaders and sales enablement professionals.

Of course, we’re far from the only sales enablement blog out there. The number of companies with a sales enablement function has more than tripled since 2013, which has only led more people to start talking and writing about this space.

So if you’re looking to bring some great content into your life in 2019, we’ve compiled 10 fantastic sales enablement blogs (in no particular order) worth adding to your reading list.

Best Sales Enablement Blogs [2019]

#1. CSO Insights Blog

As the independent research arm of Miller Heiman Group, CSO Insights consistently publishes insightful blog posts on a variety of sales enablement topics – including onboarding, content, training, coaching, and talent management – based on their research findings. The research group typically publishes new articles on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

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#2. SiriusPerspectives Blog

The blog run by research firm SiriusDecisions features plenty B2B sales-focused content, including several posts focused on sales enablement and learning theory, along with coverage of marketing, product and technology topics. This broad spectrum of ideas and information – along with the near-daily publishing of new posts – help set this blog apart.

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#3. Heinz Marketing

On top of publishing the Sales Pipeline Radio podcast and a blog series on productivity called “How I Work,” the Heinz Marketing blog features plenty of great content covering the intersections of marketing and sales – which so often ends up being sales enablement.

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#4. Sales Benchmark Index (SBI)

The Sales Benchmark Index takes a high-level approach to covering the sales space, focusing heavily on issues related to strategy, talent management, measuring ROI, sales ops, training and development. In addition to sharing some of its own findings and best practices, the management consulting firm publishes an array of guest-authored articles that are typically well-researched.

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#5. ATD

The scope of the Association for Talent Development’s blog extends well beyond sales. For sales enablement leaders, however, it features a gold-mine of knowledge related to professional training, learning and development. In addition to its blog, the organization offers sales enablement-specific resources like books, job aids, tools, research reports and a newsletter.

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#6. Selling Power

On top of publishing a great magazine, Selling Power consistently features thoughtful blog posts from a variety of sales thought-leaders. Some of these articles focus on a more narrow sales subject, such as prospecting or proposal requests, but many others directly focus on training, coaching and effectiveness issues.

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#7. HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot’s massive blog covers just about everything under the sun that’s related to inbound sales (or marketing, of course). That includes comprehensive lists of sales tips, in-depth hiring guides for sales managers and leaders, and – yes – sales enablement. You can also feel pretty confident knowing that most posts you read on HubSpot are thorough and well-researched.

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#8. LinkedIn Sales Blog

LinkedIn is very much in the business of content, so it makes sense that the social media platform’s sales blog would feature a whole bunch of it. Like Hubspot, LinkedIn – which updates its blog daily – covers a broad range of sales topics, and that has increasingly come to include sales enablement as well as adjacent subjects (like sales operations).

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#9. Quotable

You’d expect any blog managed by Salesforce to offer a wealth of sales enablement tips and tricks, seeing as the company is a leader in the CRM platform space. And that’s exactly what you can expect to find on Quotable, along with coverage of other topics like customer service and marketing.

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#10a. Highspot
#10b. Seismic

As a developer of sales readiness technology, Brainshark partners and integrates with sales engagement platforms Highspot and Seismic. But we’d be remiss without mentioning that both company’s blogs also cover the sales enablement space with great detail and care. Both sites update at least weekly and feature a mix of practical tips, thought leadership and industry trends.

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