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Introducing Brainshark’s Practice Field for Coaching

Nov 13th, 2018

Recording our performance to identify areas for improvement is a technique that’s been used in sports and other industries for years. Watching videos of ourselves, hearing our own voice – it’s often an eye-opening experience. We pick up on weaknesses and bad habits we didn’t know we had, but we also gain confidence and evolve by practicing and strengthening our skills. 

This technique is no different in sales. For reps to improve, they need to see themselves as a buyer would see them. They also need a safe, comfortable environment to capture those performances, and practice ways to get better.

With Brainshark’s new Practice Field for video coaching, sales teams have an even more powerful tool to support the most important parts of skill strengthening – practice, review and feedback.

Brainshark’s Practice Field for video coaching improves a sales team’s ability to strengthen rep skills, review performance and provide feedback.

Promote Practice

The Practice Field provides reps with an exclusive environment to practice for the activity they’re working on. They can record their video (or ‘take’), review it to identify areas to work on, and record a new take to see their improvements. Takes are saved automatically so reps can revisit them, adjust their approach, and try again until they’re satisfied. Since managers won’t see their practice field, reps can practice comfortably knowing their manager will only see the video they choose to submit for formal review and scoring.

Enable Peer Review

In addition to practicing on their own, reps can get feedback on their performance from peers to help improve their pitch – before they submit their take to managers. The Practice Field gives reps the option to share any of their takes with peers and track which ones have been shared and submitted.

Whether they’re pre-call planning and want help perfecting their messaging or need guidance on how to transition between features in a product demo – salespeople can more easily learn from each other’s experiences. This type of peer collaboration not only fosters skill sharing, it helps build and strengthen relationships across the team.

Brainshark’s Practice Field for video coaching improves a sales team’s ability to strengthen rep skills, review performance and provide feedback.

Streamline Feedback

By providing reps with a practice environment where they can get feedback from peers first, they can improve their performance on their own and increase the quality of videos being sent to management for formal review.

Managers responsible for reviewing the activity will also be able to provide more streamlined feedback. With Brainshark’s timestamp feature, reviewers can indicate specific moments in a rep’s submission with a timestamp that will automatically convert to a clickable link that takes the rep to that exact moment in the video. Timestamped feedback allows reps to focus on the specific areas of improvement without having to search through the video on their own.

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