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16 Sales Enablement Experts You Should Follow on Social Media

Sep 20th, 2019

Where do you turn for the latest information about the fast-growing sales enablement profession?

For many, the answer is social media, where you’ll not only find plenty of great content, but also insights and advice.

Whether the topic is onboarding best practices, sales talent development, or coaching tips for managers, a handful of savvy practitioners and consultants are often leading the discussion on their favorite social networks and groups.

If you’re looking to join the conversation but wondering where to start, we’ve put together a list (presented in no particular order) of 17 sales enablement experts you should follow on social media!

Tamara Schenk

Research Director, CSO Insights

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

Between her current role with CSO Insights and her past experience as a hands-on practitioner, Schenk is a wealth of sales enablement knowledge who consistently shares helpful content, research data, and tips with her followers. This includes regular updates to the CSO Insights blog, articles written by other thought-leaders, and engaging discussions on important topics.

Peter Ostrow

Senior Research Director, Sales Enablement Strategies, Forrester

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

A strong body of work as a sales and sales enablement research analyst, combined with many years spent in sales leadership roles, makes Ostrow another great source of information. Follow him for SiriusDecisions research and content covering all things sales enablement and management.

Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Nardin draws on her many years of sales experience and the content produced on her popular web site, Smart Selling Tools, to provide helpful insights into the sales technology market. Her posts include everything from news and updates, to interviews with fellow experts, to resources that help companies prioritize their sales needs.

Roderick Jefferson

CEO, Roderick Jefferson & Associates

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

On top of running his eponymous sales enablement consultancy, Jefferson has held enablement roles at several high-profile companies, including Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce. He regularly shares sales and sales enablement tips from his own accounts and is a frequent collaborator on LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions blog.

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Bob Britton

Director, Sales Enablement, Netsurion

Where to follow: LinkedIn

Britton is an active member of the Sales Enablement Society, as well as a self-described “global sales enablement Sherpa” and performance consultant, who previously served as Director of Sales Training for Dell and NTT Data Services. Expect thought-provoking questions on sales topics, and helpful article shares.

Mike Kunkle

Vice President, Sales Enablement Services, SPASIGMA

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

As an event speaker, author, and sales enablement consultant, Kunkle is never short of opinions when it comes to sales training, coaching, transformation, and effectiveness. He shares content frequently, taking in-depth looks at topics such as practice and sales talent development.

Misha McPherson

CEO, HumbleGritSales

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

McPherson leverages more than 10 years of experience in senior or director-level sales enablement roles in her current roles as a consultant and program leader for the SaaSy Sales Management series of sales enablement workshops. On top of frequent and informative posts, McPherson has a keen sense of what matters to practitioners, writing about hot topics like sales enablement metrics, coaching, and career transitions.

Melissa Madian

Founder, TMM Enablement Services

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

After holding sales enablement leadership roles at Eloqua, Oracle, and Vision Critical, Madian has taken her best practices into the consulting world, where she focuses on the development of the skills, knowledge, behaviors and processes of the customer-facing teams. She is an event speaker,  frequent podcast guest, and  specialist in sales-marketing alignment.

Brian Lambert

President & Managing Director, Growth Matters Americas

Where to follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

Lambert’s diverse background includes serving as an Air Force Captain, sales management consultant,  sales enablement analyst with Forrester, and  sales enablement leader at Spectrum. However, he’ll often write LinkedIn articles that squarely focus on sales enablement, articulating new ideas on what sales enablement is (and is not), deploying sales enablement content, and more.

Jim Dickie

Research Fellow, Sales Mastery

Where to follow: LinkedIn

A CSO Insights co-founder who spent 25-plus years with the research firm, Dickie discusses sales and where the profession intersects with emerging technology. He’s particularly interested in how AI will shape the future of selling, and uses his industry experience to form insightful, well-reasoned opinions.

Trish Bertuzzi

Founder & CEO, The Bridge Group

Where to Follow: Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Bertuzzi, author of The Sales Development Playbook, is a leading inside sales expert whose firm routinely publishes helpful research on the roadblocks and opportunities faced by today’s sales development teams. This includes common challenges such as SDR hiring, compensation, coaching, onboarding, and even how companies handle paid time off.

David Brock

Founder & CEO, Partners In Excellence

Where to Follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

Specializing in sales productivity and effectiveness, Brock is a frequent blogger who uses his sales and consulting experience to frame complex issues in a simpler light. He’s particularly focused on the challenges involved sales management – having published the best-selling “Sales Manager Survival Guide” – and coaching best practices.

Matt Heinz

President, Heinz Marketing

Where to Follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

Heinz brings a well-rounded perspective to sales enablement discussions, having spent time in marketing, sales and business development roles. He has a keen sense of the dynamics that exist between B2B sales and marketing organizations, as well as marketing’s role in effective sales enablement execution.

Dave Lichtman

Founder and CEO, Enablematch

Where to Follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

Lichtman heads up a recruiting firm that specializes in sales enablement, making him uniquely positioned to discuss hiring trends and what jobseekers should know about key relationship dynamics. And, of course, he’ll occasionally share open sales enablement roles on LinkedIn.

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Barbara Giamanco

Founder & CEO, Social Centered Selling

Where to Follow: Twitter | LinkedIn

As the title of her consulting firm would indicate, Giamanco specializes in social selling, as well as B2B sales strategy, prospecting and lead generation. In addition, she hosts the Women In Sales podcast, which highlights high-performing saleswomen of all backgrounds, while providing advice on leadership, career management, and overcoming adversity (among other topics).

Cory Bray

Managing Director, ClozeLoop

Where to Follow: LinkedIn

Bray is the co-author of 4 sales books, including The Sales Enablement Playbook, designed to help readers establish a “culture of sales enablement” in their organizations. Beyond his books, Bray is an active LinkedIn user who shares engaging videos, quotes, and advice (much of it directly related to sales enablement and management) on a consistent basis.

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