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Sales Readiness Technology Buyer’s Guide [eBook]

Sep 14th, 2017


As a sales enablement leader, it’s your job to ensure your sales reps are ready for every buyer interaction. But as your business scales and your team continues to grow, it can become challenging to keep track of each rep’s progress. This is why 55% of top-performing companies are turning to sales enablement technology to drive sales productivity, according to Forbes Insights.

Choosing the right technology for your organization is no easy feat, but it’s up to you to do the legwork and find the best fit.

Check out our exclusive Sales Readiness Technology Buyer’s Guide, where we provide the framework to help you find the right sales readiness technology for your organization. This includes details on features such as:

  • Content authoring and delivery
  • Video coaching that will ensure reps are ready for primetime
  • Options for both formal and informal learning
  • The right analytics suite to accurately measure your results

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