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Sales Team Building: 5 Ideas to Boost Sales Performance

Nov 08th, 2017

Happy employees are 12% more productive at work, according to the University of Warwick. But happiness in the workplace doesn’t just come from job satisfaction, it often comes from relationships and an overall sense of belonging at work as well.

It can be difficult for sales teams to foster that sense of belonging and team bonding, because many sellers are remote or busy working on their revenue targets. Regular team building events can help sales organizations solve this issue while also teaching sellers valuable, relevant skills.

Here are 5 types of team building events to help bring your sales team together and boost performance.

Empower your team to come up with new ideas

Your sales team has ears closest to the ground when it comes to communicating with buyers. They know why they are winning or losing deals, as well as where your organization stacks up against the competition.

Organize an event and break your sellers off into small teams. Ask each team to come up with one new feature for your product, develop a script and record a 60-second commercial. Then have everyone vote on the idea they like the best. Not only will you learn about the features that sellers think will give you a competitive edge, but you will empower them by giving them a chance to contribute to the future of the product.

Develop relevant skills with laughter

There are local improvisation companies in almost every city that offer specific corporate team building programs – from the Improv Asylum in Boston, to the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York City, to Second City in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Despite what some may think, these programs don’t involve getting up on stage solo to tell a few jokes. These programs include team building activities that involve the basics of improvisation and require teams to collaborate and think on their feet.

These programs can help employees stay engaged and keep ideas flowing during meetings. Looking to experiment without committing to a formal program? Try some of these improv exercises with your team at your office first.

Give your team a boost while giving back

One way to help foster team bonding is by giving back to the community through skill-based volunteering. For example, at Brainshark’s 2017 company kickoff event, our entire employee base, including all of sales, built bicycles for children in need. This exercise combined group problem solving with a philanthropic purpose. Employees could unlock more parts as they completed each stage and it was truly an all-in, team effort that the team could feel good about.

Some other skill-based volunteering efforts that involve giving back to the community include building a Habitat for Humanity home or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. To view more ideas that could be a potential fit for your organization, visit

Demonstrate how each member of the team matters

Sales is an ‘all link’ sport. In other words, you can’t have a winning team with only one or two all-star players. Each team member needs to do their part to ensure they are a well-oiled selling machine.

Another ‘all link’ sport is cooking. If the sous chef forgets one step, it could ruin the whole dish. Cooking classes are a team bonding experience that prove that from the very first ingredient of your dish until the final garnishes, every step and individual effort counts – the same way each effort on your sales team counts, from BDRs to VPs.

Get cultural and explore your city

Another team building idea is to organize a scavenger hunt – apps like StrayBoots make it simple. This could range from a museum hunt to scaling the whole city if you work in a larger metropolitan area.

Your sales team will bond through solving riddles, posing for photos, and finding obscure objects while exploring your city. Cater to your sellers’ competitive nature by breaking off into teams and declaring a prize for the winners.

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