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Why Sales Readiness is Critical to Growth in 2017 [eBook]

Feb 15th, 2017


Regardless of how your company performed last year, it’s likely that you’ve set an even higher bar for growth in 2017. There’s no question that your sales team plays a critical part in overall company growth, but how do sales enablement leaders ensure they’re empowering their teams to meet those goals?

To answer this question, you must first understand how your company plans to grow. Whether you’re entering new markets, going through a merger or acquisition, or want to boost productivity – each situation requires a unique strategy for sales readiness.

For example, if your company is entering a new market there’s a good chance you’ll be facing existing competition. Your reps need to be fully armed with the knowledge to sell against them and effectively show prospects the value of your solution.

This exclusive eBook, Why Sales Readiness is Critical to Growth in 2017, provides details on:

  • The five most common growth tactics companies use
  • How to get reps ready for conversations regarding new markets, product offerings, or buyer personas and more
  • Best practices for effectively coaching and training your sales teams

Download the complete eBook to get your sales team ready for growth in 2017, and click here to explore how Brainshark can help get more out of your sales enablement investment.