Coaching & Practice

Reinforce training and certify that every seller has mastered your message with video and text-based coaching assessments.

Brainshark video coaching can augment your sales training and enablement efforts.
It's not just about coaching. It's about confidence.
Sellers need to feel confident and prepared as revenue goals rise. Sales leaders need confidence that every rep is ready to hit those targets. Brainshark's sales coaching solutions can help – making it easy to create coaching and practice activities for any selling scenario.
Initiate video and text-based coaching activities to measure, score and certify rep preparedness across your entire organization.
Ensure sellers retain the information they learn during training and can demonstrate mastery of key messages.
Capture and share your best video examples to foster peer learning and improve team-wide performance.
Practice with purpose to master the message.
With the Practice Field for video coaching, sellers have a comfortable environment to practice key messages and get feedback from peers – before their videos are submitted for review.
Machine Analysis
Automate coaching with Machine Analysis.
Save time and simplify the coaching process even further with Brainshark’s unique engine for video scoring and AI-powered insights.
It's great for machine learning to give a score and a manager to give a score because the manager gets to see 'what was the gap.' I have not found anything else other than Brainshark that does this so well.
Lisa Mauri Thomas
National Sales Trainer, Tactile Medical
Baker Communications
Integrated coaching content from the experts.

Optionally provide teams with the foundational knowledge to improve sales coaching and performance with insights from our partners at Baker Communications.

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