9 Essential Sales Enablement Blogs

August 14, 2014 | Kosek Bridgette
9 Essential Sales Enablement Blogs

We work hard to make the Brainshark Ideas Blog a valuable place to find sales enablement tips and ideas – but we’re not the only ones talking about it.

To stay up on the latest tips and trends, here are nine of our other favorite sales enablement blogs to add to your top 10 list (in no particular order).

#1. SiriusDecisions Blog

The SiriusDecisions blog is loaded with topics related to sales and marketing technology, with special attention paid to sales enablement. While not necessarily a new concept anymore, there is still some uncertainty of exactly what sales enablement entails. The blog clarifies the confusion by establishing key elements for organizations to improve upon to better prepare its salespeople.

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#2. Salesforce Blog

You would think the folks who provide the most popular CRM in the world would know a thing or two about sales enablement – and you’d be right! The Salesforce Blog offers plenty tips and tricks on sales enablement strategies and situations to go along with its coverage of topics like customer service, marketing and more.

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#3. A Sales Guy

As the owner of A Sales Guy Consulting, Jim Keenan offers wisdom on behalf of his company, as well as a personal blog – both of which provide actionable sales advice.  He suggests enabling employees by building a “teaching organization” rather than a “sales organization” so that salespeople within the organization have knowledge and insight to give to customers, not just product expertise. The information and opinions posted in each blog are relatable and easily applicable, coming from one “sales guy” to another.

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#4. Forrester Blog for Sales Enablement Professionals

Forrester Research has a well-earned reputation for keeping up with market trends – and that certainly extends to sales enablement. The firm uses its own extensive research to provide “actionable guidance” around sales enablement strategies and activities for sales trainers, managers and executives.

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#5. Eloqua Revenue Marketing Blog

The Eloqua blog offers 14 different categories for marketers – and sales enablement has become a hot topic of coverage, particularly when it comes to sales and marketing alignment. For example, a recent article looks at how important it is for marketing groups to equip their sales teams with knowledge for meaningful customer engagement. The site also features additional information about sales enablement and techniques in the downloadable Grande Guide to Sales Enablement.

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#6. The Pedowitz Group Blog

The Pedowitz Group boasts another collection of thought leaders at the forefront of sales enablement.  Their blog provides expertise for aligning marketing processes with sales to drive revenue, along with a wide variety of other tips, tricks and trends for B2B marketers.

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#7. MindMatrix

As experts in the field, the MindMatrix blog is completely focused on sales enablement and managing data. This blog in particular discusses the relevance and importance of sales enablement to the sales funnel that many of us are all too familiar with. They maintain that sales enablement should help salespeople perform in their jobs better, and the emerging technologies in today’s market can equip them to do so.

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#8. Sales Benchmark Index

The Sales Benchmark Index provides information on sales operations and sales enablement. Articles such as The Most Effective Way to Increase Your Sales Enablement Budget give helpful insight into how to cost-consciously and effectively implement sales enablement programs within your organization.

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#9. Sales Engine Blog

The Sales Engine blog mirror’s the firm’s founding principle: that leaders should treat sales as the engine of their business. As such, it offers day-to-day tips for salespeople on a variety of subjects, from successful time management techniques to social networking.

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