Success Story: PTC Powers Sales Readiness During Business Transformation [Video]

May 31, 2017 | Lauren Shepherd
Success Story: PTC Powers Sales Readiness During Business Transformation [Video]

Amidst a large-scale business and go-to-market transformation, PTC, a global technology provider of IoT and AR platforms, needed a new approach to sales readiness. To ensure adoption of the new strategies, PTC’s sales enablement team utilizes Brainshark to help achieve consistency across sales content, training and coaching, as well as broader communications within the organization.

Using Brainshark, PTC now enables a selling ecosystem of over 2,200 reps, from inside and direct sales reps to channel partners. Not only are they able to scale sales training across the globe, they can quickly spin up new content to prepare reps for acquisitions and product launches. An added benefit is the ability to communicate the company’s transformational vision from the executive team down to every single employee.

To hear more about how PTC leverages Brainshark for sales onboarding and coaching, executive communications, channel partner onboarding, and core training, check out this video featuring Don Cooper, PTC’s VP of Global Sales Enablement and Programs.

For more testimonials from Brainshark customers, check out our Customer Success page.

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