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Next-Gen Coaching for the Next-Gen Sales Force [eBook]

Jul 17th, 2017


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, millennials are expected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. Given this shift, it’s time for sales organizations to rethink how they’re approaching their sales coaching strategies.

Whether your sales reps are Baby Boomers or Generation Y, the sales enablement leader’s objective remains the same – to ensure that reps are prepared for every buyer interaction. But effective sales enablement leaders also account for reps’ preferred learning methods and how they differ from generation to generation.

Millennials prefer coaching that is a mix of formal and informal learning and bite-sized, mobile-enabled and video-based content – all of which require the right technology to execute. Fortunately, today’s sales coaching technology helps to bridge the generational gap and further improve the success rates of sales training. The latest technology even allows for tribal knowledge to transfer from veteran reps to newbies, ensuring that decades of sales experience is put to good use.

In this eBook, Next-Gen Coaching for the Next-Gen Sales Force, we’ll discuss how to use sales coaching technology to universally appeal to reps, with details on:

  • Mobile and video-based coaching
  • Options for both formal and informal learning
  • Coaching for both individual and organizational mastery

Download the full eBook to learn more about optimizing your sales coaching program for the next-gen sales force!