Sales Enablement Resource Center

Everything you need to know about sales enablement, readiness, onboarding, training, coaching and more!
New sales methodology adoption requires a sales enablement team to change selling habits over the long-term.
New sales methodology adoption is one of four common transformation scenarios that sales enablement leaders must face.
Hiring an embedded sales coach is a worthwhile investment for sales enablement leaders.
There’s wide acknowledgement of the importance of sales coaching across businesses, but excuses for a lack of coaching are just as common.
Team dashboards help sales managers track their team’s sales readiness progress.
Our new team dashboards provide managers with a visual representation of their team’s readiness progress across all Brainshark learning, coaching, and self-enrolled activities.
Sales enablement leaders need C-suite sponsorship when establishing a formal program or function.
New sales enablement leaders are likely to encounter executives and other company decision-makers who fail to grasp its purpose – or its benefits.
During transformations, enablement leaders face the daunting task of guiding sales teams through complex scenarios, sometimes overnight.
If you’re new to sales enablement, how can you measure your program effectiveness in your first year on the job?

Does Your Sales Enablement Program Stack Up?

The goal of sales readiness is to ensure every rep has mastered the skills and knowledge needed to close deals. Does your program make the grade? Take this short assessment to find out.