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Gamification is one way to get reps engaged in sales training content. But engaging and learning are two different things.
Today’s sales enablement leaders already have a lot on their plates, but that daily workload can be especially daunting when responsibilities fall at one person’s feet
Just because a company is your channel partner doesn’t mean their sales reps are truly ready to champion your solutions.
As today’s buyers demand more from their manufacturing suppliers, it’s sales teams that are increasingly feeling the heat.
Cleo began using Brainshark to develop engaging content for their marketing outreach with the goal of reviving BDRs’ prospecting efforts.
Marotta needed an automated, scalable way to train its technicians. With the help of Brainshark Studios, they produced a series of 22 on-demand training modules with knowledge questions, accessible an...

Can your sales reps meet today's high standards?

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