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Brainshark Ideas Blog

Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

The Explosion of B2B Sales Data in Sales Enablement

There has been an explosion of B2B sales enablement data in recent years. Learn how to bring all this data together into a 360-degree view of sales re...

The 10 Best Sales Conferences to Attend in 2020

These 2020 sales conferences offer a lot in terms of sponsorships, networking and professional development.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Sales Enablement Solution [Research]

Explore key benefits of investing in a sales enablement solution, powered by findings from Forrester Research.

Sales Enablement Pros: How Well Do You Understand Your Reps?

In the spirit of National Salesperson Day, we’re highlighting 3 best practices to remember when enabling sales reps.

How to Launch a Sales Enablement Program [Melissa Madian Q&A]

No matter what drives a company to invest in sales enablement, each one of them needs a place to get started.

Brainshark Acquires Rekener: What It Means and What’s Next

Brainshark has acquired Rekener, Inc., to help customers dramatically improve their sales team performance.

3 Reasons We're All Thankful for Sales Enablement

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re calling attention to just a few of the many ways sales enablement helps other teams shine all year.

Presenting the 2019 Sharkie Award Winners!

The winners are in for the 2019 Sharkie Awards! Brainshark’s awards program honors the best sales enablement success stories and content created with...

How Sales Readiness Differs from Sales Enablement

As selling becomes more competitive each year, one trend is clear: sales readiness and enablement have never been more important. Why all the fuss? Co...
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