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Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

How Readiness Scorecards Put Your Data in Coachable Context

How Readiness Scorecards put your data in coachable context

By putting data from sales training programs into a context, Scorecards make it easier for Brainshark customers to improve team results. Here’s a clos...
Sales Scorecard vs. Sales Dashboard: What's the Difference?

Sales Scorecards vs. sales dashboards: What's the difference?

The main difference revolves around measuring rep progress toward particular goals or outcomes.
what is sales readiness and why it matters

What is sales readiness? And why should you care?

Sales readiness means assessing and certifying whether salespeople are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge.
upsell and cross sell metrics for b2b sales leaders

6 Cross-sell metrics every B2B sales leader should track

To hit multi-product revenue targets, you need to take a data-driven approach. These 6 cross-sell metrics will help you measure success.

How to calculate Pipeline Coverage

Pipeline coverage measures the amount of pipeline you have, relative to your quota for a given period of time. Sales Rep Scorecards calculate pipeline...
sales pipeline coverage

Everything you need to know about Pipeline Coverage

Pipeline Coverage is a ratio used by sales managers to measure how much pipeline they have, compared to how much quota they need to close.

8 Tips to make the business case for sales enablement technology

Sales enablement is important and choosing the right technology to help power your team is critical. Whether sales enablement technology is a new init...
what is sales enablement and how does it work

What is sales enablement and how does it work?

In the span of a few years, sales enablement technology has evolved from niche to “nice to have” to essential to the sales process and tech stack, acc...
sales skills all reps need

17 Sales Skills All Reps Need

Some sales skills are important regardless of role, industry or target buyers. Here are 17 key sales skills all reps should have.
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