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February 10, 2016
Alex Salop | @AlexSalop | Director of Product Marketing, Brainshark
You may know Brainshark as the go-to source to enable your reps with powerful onboarding, training, and buyer engagement solutions. But even with great training and all the right tools for engagement, reps often still fail. Why?  Studies show that reps want to be coached to succeed, but that 70% of...
February 01, 2016
Ann Lambert | @AnnLambert18 | Product Marketing Manager, Brainshark
“Content has got to be used to build credibility and open up a rich and meaningful customer conversation.” - Dan Smoot, Executive Vice President of Market Readiness at Salesforce Content is such a big problem for sales organizations today, and it seems it’s not having that impact...
January 28, 2016
Joe Gustafson | @joegustafson75 | Founder & Chairman, Brainshark
For me, the charm of Boston has always been its uncanny ability to preserve its foundations. An idyllic European architecture, a love for sports, and an accent as distinct as the four-leaf clover that’s worn proud by each Bostonian (as well as a suburbanite like myself who shamelessly sneaks...
January 25, 2016
Ann Lambert | @AnnLambert18 | Product Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Everybody defines sales productivity differently; and as such, everybody has different approaches for attaining it. Joe Gustafson offers two approaches for getting more productivity or “yield” out of each rep. He says you can increase efficiency, meaning give more time back to a...
January 18, 2016
Mike Kunkle | @mike_kunkle | Sr. Director of Sales Enablement, Brainshark
Here are some broad, sweeping generalizations that are typically also true. We know that: Most organizations do not maximize their sales training investments to get a significant payback or ROI. Sales training without knowledge sustainment (remembering what was taught), skill...
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