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August 15, 2016
PJ Carter | @PJCarter25 | Influencer Relations Manager, Brainshark
All organizations want to increase sales results and productivity, and that’s why more companies are investing in sales enablement solutions. But new research shows 69% of companies fail to meet sales enablement expectations. I’d like to think we can accomplish anything we put our minds to, which...
August 12, 2016
Lauren Brousell | @LBrousell | Marketing Programs Manager, Brainshark
You just completed the process of selecting a new sales enablement technology – congratulations! You’ve probably spent months researching solutions, speaking to countless salespeople (OK, hopefully not that many), and securing executive buy-in and budget for a game-changing software system. But...
August 10, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Just because a salesperson thinks he or she is adding value to their conversations with buyers, doesn’t mean it’s always true. A recent study from Altify and IDD Consult showed that more than half of B2B sellers think they add value to the purchase process. The research suggested 70% of sellers...
August 08, 2016
Mike Kunkle | @mike_kunkle | Sr. Director of Sales Enablement, Brainshark
Sales onboarding is a hot topic. Everyone wants to do it better and faster. A lot of people talk about it. Yet, over the past few years, various industry surveys indicate that onboarding ramp-ups, on average, have not improved. Obviously, we need to start to think differently about the sales...
August 03, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Whether lack of training, lack of time or lack or initiative is to blame – coaching in sales organizations remains a top challenge – despite also being a top priority. Just how important is coaching to sales enablement and readiness? Here are some sales statistics to consider: 74% of...
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