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Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

Brainshark new look and feel

Bigtincan gives its sales readiness solution Brainshark a new look for improved customer experience

We celebrated the one-year anniversary of Bigtincan’s acquisition of Brainshark in 2022 by giving Brainshark a makeover!  Thanks to Bigtincan’s contin...
How to turn your dusty (but valuable) slide decks into training videos in 15 minutes with brainshark modern content authoring

How to turn your trusty but dusty slide decks into interactive training videos in 15 minutes

Sure, your go-to “Company Value Props” and “Product Overview” decks have valuable information for new employees or those just needing a refresher. But...
sales training ideas

10 Sales training ideas that increase team readiness

If your sales training has gotten stale, here are 10 sales training activities to improve your strategy in 2021.

Why is sales enablement important? 5 reasons and examples

Why is sales enablement important? Here are five examples of what the right sales enablement process and strategy can achieve.
sales role play exercises to try with your sales reps remotely or in person

6 Sales Role Play Exercises to Try with Your Reps

Sales role play exercises can be very effective for preparing reps for various selling situations. Here are 6 role plays that can be conducted no matt...
how to measure sales kickoff ROI

How to measure the ROI of your sales kickoff event (SKO)

To measure the ROI of your sales kickoff event (SKO), it is necessary to list out all the costs and then weigh these against the direct and indirect b...
creating a coaching culture in your organization

How to create a coaching culture in your organization

(This content originally appeared in the webinar "How Creating a Coaching Culture Can Help Your Organization") If you're trying to maximize sales rep...
why sales coaching matters and how to get started

Why sales coaching matters, plus 5 ways to get started

For sales managers that are new to sales coaching or looking to restart their programs, these expert tips will help lead to better rep performance and...
sales coaching guide with sales coaching activities

Quick and complete guide for sales teams: What to do, what not to do, plus sales coaching activities you can use right now

Why sales coaching matters — a few key points Knowledge retention  Sales coaching activities add an interactive element to learning and are an excelle...