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Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

why sales coaching matters and how to get started

Top 5 coaching tips for sales managers, plus how to get started

For sales managers that are new to sales coaching or looking to restart their programs, these expert tips will help lead to better rep performance and...
Introducing Actions for Scorecards: Automate learning paths and follow-up while keeping content fresh

Introducing Actions for Scorecards: Automate learning paths and follow-up while keeping content fresh

Sales Scorecards are a powerful tool for tracking learning and coaching progress, correlating training to sales results, comparing individual to group...
sales training ideas

10 Sales training ideas that increase team readiness

If your sales training has gotten stale, here are 10 sales training activities to improve your strategy in 2021.

Comprehensive, tailor-made eLearning for Sales

Using eLearning for sales training and onboarding rather than in-person training lets you: Reach reps in any location (which is particularly important...
what is a sales rep scorecard

What is a sales rep Scorecard?

Sales rep scorecards are used by sales managers to track and improve the performance of their sales reps.
How Readiness Scorecards Put Your Data in Coachable Context

How Readiness Scorecards put your data in coachable context

By putting data from sales training programs into a context, Scorecards make it easier for Brainshark customers to improve team results. Here’s a clos...
create stronger sales coaches

Create stronger coaches with Coach Insights for Scorecards

It is important to create a coaching culture in your organization. Reps are relying on their coaches to give quality, actionable feedback that’s more...
Sales Scorecard vs. Sales Dashboard: What's the Difference?

Sales Scorecards vs. sales dashboards: What's the difference?

The main difference revolves around measuring rep progress toward particular goals or outcomes.
what is sales readiness and why it matters

What is sales readiness? And why should you care?

Sales readiness means assessing and certifying whether salespeople are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge.
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