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Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

5 Benefits of Win/Loss Analysis for Sales Enablement Leaders

Reps don’t always know why they win or lose deals. By implementing a win/loss program, the sales organization can get key intel about wins and losses.

4 Reasons to Incorporate Screen Recording into Sales Coaching

By enabling reps to record their screen, coaches can identify skill gaps and selling opportunities. Here are 4 reasons to add screen recording into yo...

4 Ways to Help Sales Reps Optimize Their LinkedIn Profiles

Your sales reps’ LinkedIn profiles are a representation of your company’s brand. Ensure reps’ profiles are optimized with these 4 tips.

3 Things Marketing Can Learn from Sales: A Marketing VP’s Week as an ADR

A Brainshark marketing VP spent a week as a salesperson in order to gain better sales and marketing alignment.

Design a Sales Onboarding Program That Works [Upcoming Webinar]

Get practical advice for better sales onboarding, including how to establish a timeline and incorporate technology, during this upcoming Brainshark we...

Why Sales Reps Fail To Woo C-Level Buyers

C-level meetings often require a different approach, which is critical to closing more and bigger deals. But many reps don’t go after the C-level sell...

Sales Enablement KPIs: Follow the 3 R’s

The sales enablement function is a new – yet critically important – role. How can sales enablement leaders measure their own effectiveness?

Drive Better Sales Productivity with Brainshark and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Brainshark now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline sales readiness and improve productivity by simplifying access to key resources.

Introducing the New Brainshark User Interface!

The Brainshark app has a new look and feel! Get an up-close look at our new UI – available this month as an option for Brainshark customers.
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