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Brainshark Ideas Blog

Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

Is Your Sales Enablement Strategy Backwards?

The most common flaws in every sales enablement program and how to fix them.

10 Leadership Quotes from the Leading Ladies in Sales

In honor of Women’s History Month, here’s some leadership advice from women in sales.

New! Integrate Brainshark Training and Coaching to Better Assess Mastery

Brainshark’s new training and coaching integration allows sales leaders to better assess reps’ skills and mastery.

The Secret Sauce: Determining When Your Sales Reps are Ready to Sell

Sales onboarding is key to ensuring your rep’s success in the field. But how can you tell if reps are ready to sell before putting them in front of pr...

Playbook: Choosing the Right Sales Coaching Solution [eBook]

This exclusive eBook looks at the most critical components you need to look for in a technology-based sales coaching solution.

4 Reasons Why Your Sales Organization Needs Peer-to-Peer Coaching

Improve your team’s sales effectiveness by providing a venue for salespeople to coach each other and share best practices.

The Most Common Misconceptions About Sales Coaching

Having the wrong idea about sales coaching can be a barrier to sales productivity. We’ve gathered the most common misconceptions and explained why the...

Sales Enablement: The Difference Between Experience and Expertise

The purpose of sales enablement is to develop expertise across your sales team that transcends their levels of experience.

Sales Coaching Lessons from Facebook and Snapchat

Brainshark’s Jim Ninivaggi explains the difference between informal and formal sales video coaching and when to use each.
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