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Virtual Customer Relationships
Cutomer relationships have not been easy over the past 18 months, but we have developed best practices that have helped us build strong relationships without being in the same room with our customers...
Sometimes people buy from people they like. But more often, customers buy because a product will provide them value – and because it will help them solve a specific problem.
Buyers are overwhelmed by information and messages. The key to cutting through the noise? Dr. Carmen Simon says it comes down to being memorable.
When prospect training doesn’t happen – or isn’t successful – your result is what I’m sharing today: five prospecting approaches we wish we saw less.
How will Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn affect social selling, buyer research, and professional relationship management? We spoke with Mike Kunkle for answers.
“Content has got to be used to build credibility and open up a rich and meaningful customer conversation.”                   ...
According to SiriusDecisions, B2B content strategy is overly focused on assets, and often based on the decisions and skills of individ