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Once each quarter I travel to a U.S.
As a rule of thumb, most myBrainshark video presentations you create will have a "thank you" slide at the conclusion.  This is especially true of marketing, sales, or other outreach communications.
The first 3 stops on the Tour were Charlotte, Houston and Dallas.
I started Honest Discounts in the summer of 2010 and we’ve been growing ever since with back-to-back record-breaking months.
It’s great that our field reps can view Brainsharks on their smartphones, but what about questions??  Our presentations always have some form of follow-up questions – when can we expect a more inte
Dear Brainshark Administrator, We have a few key product updates we want to bring to your attention.   Please take a few minutes to review this important information.
Colleague -- Hello-  Just wanted to take a moment  to update Administrators of your company’s Brainshark site on a few things.
Since Sexual Harassment training is mandated by law in California, some New England states and recently in Ontario, it is vital that companies find an effective way to provide this training to all
Cheating Death by PowerPoint teaches you to make great PowerPoint presentations by avoiding some common mistakes.
Over 150 presentations were submitted to the 2011 Sharkie Awards competition and the judges have chosen the winners in each category (see below). Now, it is your turn to pick the 2011 Sharkie.
How does your brand sound like if you express it with music and audio? Find out how to make your messaging more memorable.