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It's amazing to see some of the great content being created with Brainshark.  Our customers continue to push boundaries and produce rich, on-demand, multimedia content to promote their businesses,
Now it’s even easier to increase your reach with Brainshark. The new Brainshark App for the iPhone and iPad provides an enhanced mobile viewing experience for users of these devices.
Randy Byrne from Malverin Instruments talks about delivering a complex message to customers and channel partners around the world.
Staci Gregg from Software Spectrum talks about improving demand generation results through the use of video presentations.
myBrainshark is not only focused on offering a free, easy-to-use content authoring tool, but we are also focused on promoting your content through various avenues. myBrainshark's Affiliate Partners in
Jim Nauen from Centage Corporation talks about replacing new product introduction webinars with on-demand video presentations.
Corporate Visions gives some helpful tips on turning sales prospecting into meaningful deal creation.
In traversing myBrainshark over the past few months, I've noticed that almost all presentations start with some form of "Welcome to Title of My Presentation. I'm Presenter Name".
How many social media tools are you using to help you prospect and sell on a day-to-day basis? How many web-based applications are you effectively using to streamline your business?
In one of our previous blogs, we focused on using myBrainshark a
The submission deadline for our third Annual Sharkie Awards is approaching soon.
Once you've created great content for myBrainshark , don't miss the chance to make it work for you by encouraging your viewer to take a next s