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September 22, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
It’s hard to remember when social media wasn’t a mainstream sales and marketing tactic. Looking back, our earliest mentions of the term “social selling” on the Brainshark blog are from 2011. “More and more people these days buy something based a personal recommendation and not on typical...
September 21, 2016
PJ Carter | @PJCarter25 | Influencer Relations Manager, Brainshark
Great salespeople can make excellent sales managers but the skills needed for sales management differ from the skills required to be an excellent salesperson. In many cases this is why new sales managers fail after successful careers as sales reps - organizations don’t empower new managers to...
September 19, 2016
Rachel Merkin | Event Marketing Manager, Brainshark
Dreamforce 2016 in San Francisco. Four days. 3000+ sessions. Saying you need to budget your time wisely for the Super Bowl of the CRM sphere is an understatement. Even if you pick a track that interests you, like sales enablement, you still have about 260 sessions to choose from!   That said,...
September 15, 2016
Molly Buccini | @mollybuccini | Content Marketing Manager, Brainshark
If you’re like most B2B sales leaders, better training is at the top of your sales enablement priorities. In fact, training ranked as the top service offering within sales enablement solutions in CSO Insights’ 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization study. When it comes to how much organizations are...
September 13, 2016
Steven Rosen | @stevenarosen | Founder and CEO , Star Results
I’m often asked to help newly appointed sales managers prepare for their new roles. What I’ve learned over the last 15 years coaching these new sales managers and executives is that there is one mistake many new sales managers make that can be the difference between success and failure: Building...
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