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Tips and ideas for sales readiness, training, coaching and more.

Announcing the 2017 Sharkie Awards!

The Sharkie Awards, Brainshark’s customer awards program, honors the best content and sales enablement success stories from the past year.

Sales Readiness & Growth: Introducing New Products & Offerings

How can sales readiness leaders get sales reps up to speed on new products? Brainshark SVP of Business Development Jim Ninivaggi offers tips and tacti...

How to Make Sales Training More Memorable [Insights from Dr. Carmen Simon]

Dr. Carmen Simon shares tips for making sales training easier to remember.

Why Mastery-Based Learning is Critical to Sales Success

How sales organizations can apply the theory of mastery-based learning, as mentioned in Sal Khan’s TED talk.

Champion Enablement: The Next Best Thing to Being There

In the same way sales managers enable reps to sell, reps need to cultivate champions at prospective companies to help communicate value and advance de...

Next-Level Sales Training: It’s Time to Coach the Coach

As organizations seek to boost sales readiness, they must first invest in the front-line sales managers to set the foundation for sales training and c...

8 Must-Have Sales Enablement Technology Features [eBook]

This exclusive eBook outlines the most important features to target when investing in a sales enablement and readiness solution for your business.

What Did Sales Organizations Do BSE (Before Sales Enablement)?

Brainshark’s Jim Ninivaggi reflects back on how businesses trained sales reps before the evolution of the sales enablement function.

How Seasoned Salespeople Should be Using Their Experience [Insights from Dr. Carmen Simon]

Seasoned salespeople can use their extensive experience to create a distinguished message, but is it memorable?